The A To Z Of HR & Payroll Software

HR has a great role to play in the lives of people who work in any organization. They are there to take care of the employees well being, happiness, satisfaction and also to get the best of talent in the team to work and help the business thrive. They have to balance between keeping up with the employees’ expectations and the employer’s expectations. They juggle between so much that it is hard for them to find time to do any of these with perfection. This is why automation came to the rescue. HR and payroll software deserves a special mention here because it does a lot of redundant tasks for employees by setting them on autopilot and giving them the time to HR to strategize and make plans for making the company an even better place for employees!

In this blog, we tell you all about this helpful HR & payroll software. We have tried to cover everything you would need. Let’s begin.

What is HR software?
HR software stands for Human resources software and this is a software that uses a number of features and modules that HR department requires. The software supports data, HR, and processes. The HR software now comes with a mobile app as well so that everyone using the software can enjoy flexibility as well.

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The modules that HR software mostly offers are Time and attendance, payroll, workforce, helpdesk, performance, core hr, engagement, expense, recruitment and more.

What is payroll software?
Payroll software is such a strong software in itself that it is also sold standalone. Payroll is what is made to process the salaries of employees. And payroll software helps automate the process of transferring and calculating salary on time for all the employees and gig workers. The software works in sync with the time and attendance module it takes the work hours data from there and the presences and absences as well to calculate the time correctly. This helps HR in paying the right amount timely to the employees which is really important for employee satisfaction.

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Benefits of HR & Payroll Software
Both the software whether taken combines or separately help a business in cutting down the time taken to perform manual redundant tasks. But when you keep these two essential software separate, you can find yourself overspending. So, don’t do this mistake. The employee names, job data, codes, addresses, and everything else are taken care of by the software itself. Here are some of the benefits that you will end up experiencing when you start using HR and payroll software-

Payroll benefits-
When an employee receives a promotion, the employee would surely be happier but it would only mean more work for HR. Why? Because most of the time the promotion leads to increase and change in the salary structure of the employee. So, in this, the payroll software comes handy as it comes with an automatic CTC calculator. HR can just put the increased salary amount and the distribution would be shown by the software in a click.

Benefits for HR-
HR many times misses on many important strategic moves, talent acquisition decisions and other things that matter and require some thinking. The HR and payroll software helps expedite so many processes for HR that they get time to think and act on the plan. They can then even think of plans that can impact the business outcomes positively. They can also use the software to see employee engagement information. The software basically also supports you with the help of analytics to make the right decisions as everything is backed by facts.

Benefits for employees-
The self-service option in the HR & payroll software is also pretty amazing. This feature helps the employees in checking their information, make their investment declaration, download form, and file income tax returns. This eases not just the work and strain in the mind of employees but also of HR. HR no longer needs to answer every tiny query as the software makes the information transparent. Moreover, they also don’t need to guide every person and distribute the forms, things are simpler online!

Challenges of HR & Payroll Software
HR & payroll software is a boon and because of the same, there are many things that it is beneficial for. So, when we use the word challenge here, we mean that the problem might happen when you select the wrong HR & payroll software for your company.

Here are some of the challenges-

Incompatible Software can be one. For instance, when the software is not in sync with biometric and you use it for attendance marking.
Tracking Employee Absence can be another challenge if the system is not appropriate
Compliance Risks will prevail if the software vendor won’t keep the app updated as per the changes intimated by the government.
Poor UI- If the employees or even HR is not able to use the HR & payroll software optimally. What would be the use of the software? Most of the time would be wasted in understanding the way to use certain functionality or the other.

So, make sure you keep the aforementioned things in mind when you want to get an HR & payroll software or are thinking of changing one!
Things to remember when selecting an HR software
As mentioned above, you should remember certain things when you are HR & payroll software

Support From Vendor
Happy Employees
Ease of use
Simple workflow
Your Turn!

So, make sure you take everything mentioned above into consideration. All this information will help you in getting the best HR & payroll software that’s affordable and the right fit for your business. Make sure you do the necessary research, shortlist the software, take demos while keeping a list of must-haves for your organization handy. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments. We hope you found this helpful. If you did, now is the time to share it with your HR friends. This can help them as well.

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Project Task Completion – Tips for Ensuring the Best Success

Any project is really nothing more than a series of connected tasks that must be completed. As each task is finished, the project takes another step toward total completion. However, completing tasks can be a major challenge for many different teams, particularly if you’re not following industry best practices here. Below, you’ll find some important tips for maximizing progress toward task completion that can help both you and your team stay motivated and moving forward.
Clear and Achievable
One of the most important things that project managers need to understand is the language used to define a task can actually create problems with completing that task. For example, a task might be broken down and labeled as “apply a solution for product quality enhancement”. That’s pretty ambiguous. To your mind (and the minds of your team members), it becomes difficult to focus on completing that task because you’re orienting on the results, rather than the steps needed to achieve the results.
Rather than naming tasks after their results, consider labeling them based on the action needed. For instance, rather than “apply a solution”, you might consider “brainstorm a solution with team members”. This automatically puts you in action mode, and also tells you that you’ll be working in a collaborative environment. It engages your mind and encourages activity, rather than acting as a disconnect.
Break Tasks Down
You already break your milestones down into individual tasks. Each of those tasks builds on the ones before to eventually culminate in milestone completion. However, you might find that your tasks are still large, cumbersome things that automatically make your team members focus on something less daunting (effectively wasting time). Rather than stopping with the breakdown of milestones into tasks, consider breaking your tasks down into smaller subtasks.
The human mind automatically shies away from anything that seems too difficult or too large to be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. This leads to procrastination and improper task prioritization. Your team members will work on smaller, less important things first at the expense of the larger task. By breaking individual tasks down into smaller components, you help your team focus on productivity and proper prioritization.
Enable Your Team
It’s also important that you are an enabler, rather than just being a driver toward project completion. As the project manager, you’ll find that it’s very easy to slip into the role of just driving the project forward. However, you need to enable more than you drive. Enabling your team ensures that they are the ones driving themselves toward task completion, and frees you up to focus on your other daily responsibilities. While you will likely never be completely free of the need to act as a project driver, if you focus on enabling as well, reaching a successful conclusion for your project will be simpler than you might think.
Task completion doesn’t have to be daunting. Follow these simple tips and you’ll find that progress is smoother, hurdles are fewer and that your team is more productive.

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5 Tips for Buying an Office Chair for the First Time

Since office chairs come in a lot of styles, shapes, and materials, making a choice can be quite overwhelming. For instance, some of them are made for accessional use, while others are more suitable for routine use. Aside from this, there are other factors to consider, such as price, finish, color, and style. Given below are some tips to help you make a better choice.

1. Consider your usage

These units are designed for a variety of purposes. For instance, if you get an executive chair, it will allow you to talk to your senior employees comfortably. On the other, if you are suffering from back issues, it is better that you opt for a chair designed to make your back feel comfortable. Basically, these units are designed in order to provide more support for your back and body. The good thing is that you can adjust these chairs based on your sitting posture.

If you are a heavy computer user and spend a lot of time working on your computer, we suggest that you consider an ergonomic chair.

2. Consider your desired parts

The majority of office chairs have some common major components such as armrests, the seat, and the backrest. For backrest, it all boils down to the lumbar support. Ideally, it should match the natural curve of your back so that you can relax your lower back. It is even better if the chair allows you to recline without any problem.

Another important component is the seat. Make sure that the edge of the seat is rounded and downward-sloping. This will help improve blood circulation to your legs. If you are a heavy, tall person, it is better that you go for a chair that features higher backs and wider seats.

While typing, armrests allow you to place your hands comfortably. Apart from this, an adjustable armrest is another great feature to have in your desired unit.

3. Consider the adjustment features

You should adjust the chair to perform your desired task without suffering an injury. It is easy to adjust the mentioned components using levers and knobs while you are sitting in the chair. For example, the chairs of today feature a lot of mechanisms, such as tilt angle control, adjustable lumbar support, and adjustable height control. Make sure that the unit you are looking for allows these adjustments.

4. Consider the material

If you go for an upholstered unit, you can enjoy a cushioned seat and a lot of color and style options. Apart from this, synthetic fabrics with stain resistance offer a higher level of durability. On the other hand, leather is known for comfort and durability. If you are looking for something easy to clean, faux leather is your best bet.

5. Consider the environment

Based on the type of floors you have in your workspace, you should decide on the dimensions, colors, and styles of the chair. For example, you should get a survival type if you have to move around your workspace to get access to different equipment.
If you have a small office, it is better that you opt for a chair that comes with a lower back. Lastly, you can go for a traditional or modern office chair based on your personal interest.

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5 Tips to Choose the Right Conference Table

According to statistics, managers spend a lot of their time in business meetings. If you have a properly designed conference room, you can come up with great ideas and have great meetings and discussions. Apart from this, conference rooms may help create a business environment. Since no conference meeting can be complete without a conference table, make sure you invest in a good table. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 things that will help you make the best choice.

1. Room size

First of all, you may want to consider your room size. There should be plenty of room around the table. The idea is to allow everyone to walk about the room. Besides, make sure that doors and windows are also easily accessible. Similarly, if you have an audio-visual station in your office, make sure the room has enough space for it.

2. Seating

Another thing to consider is the seating capacity of the room. After all, you don’t want to end up with a conference table that won’t leave any space for chairs you need in the office. There should be enough elbow room for all of your clients and employees during a conference.

3. Power outlets

In a conference room, some common items include projectors, laptops, and mobile phones. Therefore, make sure that the power outlets in the room are in the right places. After all, you don’t want to end up with a lot of entangled wires and cords during a conference.

4. Design Aesthetic

You may want to consider the design aesthetic of your conference room before buying a conference table. Don’t forget to consider your current furniture articles as well. You can choose from a variety of table shapes, such as racetrack, boat-shape, rectangle, and circle, just to name a few.

Besides, you can ask yourself if you prefer classic or modern furniture. Color choices also matter. Therefore, you should either go for dark or bright colors.

5. Budget

Last but not least, make sure you stick to your budget limit when it comes to buying a conference table. You can choose from a variety of options based on your price range. Based on the size, material, and design of the table, you should make the right choice. Another way to make a choice is to check out review websites. These sites will allow you to check out a huge collection of furniture articles.

Long story short, if you are going to make a great conference room, we suggest that you follow the 5 things given in this article. This will help you choose something that will serve your needs and look great. Hope this helps.

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